Olive & Cocoa: Entertaining Jewels To DIY or Not . . .

If you are like me and find yourself short on time to execute fun DIY projects for summer entertaining, then visit Olive & Cocoa for goodies that surely will fulfill your need to add that special touch to any fête.  The Stripy Straw Mason Tumblers above are a fancy, yet practical way to utilize mason jars for kids as well as adults.  With mason jars plentiful for bouquets, hostess gifts and more, I’ve meant to DIY my own outdoor mason jar glass collection using inspiration from C&B, our Pinterest board or the list of 50 Mason Jar DIY’s on Saved by Love Creations.  In the mean time, these Stripy Straw Mason Tumblers will do the trick so I can head off to the beach!

It seems that you either have to be a master pastry chef or a dedicated DIYer to wow guests with an amazing cake these days.  Since cupcakes are en vogue – we’ve even succumbed to the trend for our parties too – the simply elegant and less labor intensive cake is an overlooked iconic dessert item.  This Fete Bunting Cake Topper is a perfect decoration item to have on hand for your next celebration.  Sold in a set of three, this bunting with colorful wool felt flags will elevate any cake.  If you still would rather make the bunting, then check out Sarah’s step-by-step pennant tutorial; good for cakes, invitations and more!

Unique outdoor lighting accents for the table as well as the garden are also on my DIY list this summer.  In addition to using blue mason jars on a white tablescape, I am drawn to milk glass accessories that let the flowers and linens shine.  Milk glass is simple, neutral and a classic.  Without time to scour the web to expand my collection, I have found many DIY guides to create my own Milk glass objets out of more readily available glass.  But I’m out of time so the Milk Glass Tealights above will be perfect to create luminary vignettes in the great outdoors.

I am always looking for new ideas for place cards.  Not that we formally entertain often, but when possible it is another layer to add to a beautifully set table.  The Bubble Place Card Holders are unique because unfilled they would not be visually distracting from the rest of the table decor or you can fill them with buds or greens to be double agents:  place cards as well as low centerpieces!  Place card holders are no longer just a seating arrangement tool, they can set the tone for a party.  Remember the sailboat place cards?!

Lastly, party hats shouldn’t just be for kids.  I know that summer party attire is carefully chosen and not everyone loves a hat, but depending on the occasion a party hat could be just the accessory to make the photo montage more festive.  This variety package of  Chapeau de Fête at Olive & Cocoa is perfect to have on hand in your party closet unless you brush up on DIY party hat skills.  And, if your guests aren’t inclined to wear the hats, then they are colorful decorations to brighten the decor.

No matter which route you take – execute the DIYs on your list or scoop up a couple of items from Olive & Cocoa – hopefully this inspired you to delve into the details for your next party.  Not all of us have time to be Martha, but we can access great resources to make our parties just as special.  Happy Entertaining!

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